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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 16, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: i'm on mission between 4th and 5th. this crosswalk is where she was struck and killed by a car. is this a picture of the car police are looking for. they're describing it as a mid-90s white 4-door sedan, similar to a toyota camera, honda, or lexus. the front bumper doesn't match the rest of the car body, and after-market dark-colored rims. the image comes from a surveillance camera near the crosswalk. >> ian: our hearts are just broken. her aunt is in a bad way. she was the one that had the children. >> reporter: she was with her 2-year-old twin brother miky and her aunt. she was killed as they were walking out of a movie theater. >> she was a darling little girl. her mom and dad love thor death. >> reporter: speaking with another family member, her mother is so devastated, it's
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becoming a medical concern. san francisco police are investigating. but doesn't appear they have any other leads. >> whoever did this, please ,- forwar. this is a baby, and it's tearing the family up as it is. >> reporter: san francisco police are out here in full force tonight. i see no fewer than four motorcycle recovers patrolling the area right here. they pulled over over 40 people and issuedcitations just in the last two hours. so this is in response to the tragic accident last night. protestors outside the sheriff's office today, angry
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about the deputy who shot and killed andy lopez last year. the group of people continue there'd outcry to a local park. >> that has brought back a lot of the pain. >> it makes me feel afraid of getting shot. just like andy. and scared . >> reporter: in just a few days, eric will be back patrolling the streets. >> to have the audacity to put this man back on patrol in a neighborhood where she shot and killed a 13-year-old -- he shot and skill killed a -- killed a 13-year-old boy is disturbing. >> he's a threat, a danger, a bad idea for us to have in our community. >> silently proeflting the deputy -- protesting the deputy's return, these signs are to raise awareness. >> scared of think he's going to go back on the streets. he can shoot anyone whement when he
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wants. >> reporter: andy lopez was shot to death last october arch the toy gun the teen had was believed to be an all the rifle. >> the kids are paranoid. every time they see a police officer or a sheriff they think they're coming after them. it's horrible. every time they see the police car, they wonder what jailhouse, what area tgoing to be close to their houses? >> they think it'll end up putting flashes in the mind of and e. it's ridiculous. it's our kids' safety. our kids other ones that are going to be fearing, and the parents are going to be the ones at home scared if their kids are going to make it home from school or not. oakland police say one officer was briefly hospitalized after being assaulted during the ferguson shooting protest last night. two officers were pepper sprayed during the protest.
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this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. yesterday's protest started at frank ogawa plaza and took to the street at 15th and broadway. recovers realisted two people there -- recovers arrested two people there. proefts in oakland ended -- protests in oakland ended in berkeley. this was live-streamed by a citizen journalist last night. several windows were broken and a trash can was set on fire. fire crews battled a string of fires today right on the site of i580. the fires parked along the ibe side just before -- eastbound side just before 5:30
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this morning. crews battled more than six different fires in the brush. they shut down two lanes of 580 to get the fires under control. >> we don't have water supplies, and we have the fire that's not really stationary. so we have to try to put the fire out with multiple units to make sure we stay ahead of it. >> authorities have not found anyone who set the fires. they're asking the public to call if they have information. four arrests at checkpoints for driving under the influence. 14 was arrested for driving without a lines. funding came from the national highway traffic safety administration.
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a mexican restaurant in san jose is clockwised after a kitchen -- closed after a kitchen fire. the blaze broke out just before 3:00. the fire started in the kitchen and spread to the roof of the building. krurps able to get the fire -- crews were able to get the fire under control in under an hour. in hayward, hundreds of families lined up to get backpacks for school kids. officer grant's death was similar to the officer-involved shooting in ferguson missouri, and members of the foundation have joined the protest in the case of michael brown. >> i have family there right they're actually there supporting the family, and the events that go on. and i just -- this is where we have to work to try to bridge the gam between the citizens --
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gap between the citizens and the police force. >> the backpacks were given away in the neighborhood where officer grant grew up. less than 24 hours away from the first football game to be played at levi stadium. tomorrow afternoon, the 49ers play host to their first home preseason game. >> reporter: this is the sticker that we put on our car. it's inside the windshield. patty and her boyfriend say this sticker that reads "santa clara" was given them to the city proving they live here. it's just a 10-minute walk from their home to levi stadium. and despite cones waiting to be set up to block fans from parking on residential streets, chavez says law enforcement warned drivers may ignore the barricades which could land violators a fine or
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having their cars toad. >> reporter: while many businesses will open up their parking lots to the public on game day, some won't. morgan lives nearby and wants security at levi stadium. she expects there to be some problems but thinks residents should be patient. >> i think the traffic is a small price to pay for the amount of money that it would bring to santa clara. and i definitely am glad that the 49ers are here. >> i definitely want to see what the traffic is going to be like on the first 49er games. the 49ers say they have a plan in place for tomorrow's game. they promised more parking for the 70,000 fans expected to attend. officials say tlbl more factoring -- there will be more parking and police directing traffic. and the signals in the area are being
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fine-tuned. >> we'll be focusing on make sure the people coming to the stadium, trying to get them in as quickly as possible, get everybody in by kickoff. and then everyone will have a good experience. >> the great american theme park will be closed on sunday meaning the parking lot next door will also be available for the first time. as for the 49ers' old home, a redevelopment of the area is set to5(mjy begin. the developer hopes to built homes, retail space, and parks. >> developers say it's likely the old stadium will be imploded sometime next year. after that, they plan to begin an extensive overhaul of candlestick point. if all goes well, the project could be finished in 4-5 years.
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happening today in san francisco, a tribute to robin williams is just wrapping up tonight. people gathered to watch a mini-film festival dedicated to the actor that started at noon. they screened some of williams' best loved films. >> we have aym< bunch of peoplen celebrating and talking about his memorial. it's really interesting. >> through tomorrow. a little earlier this week, robin williams' widow revealed that the actor was suffering from parkinson's at the time of his suicide. she said "robin's sobriety was in tact, and he was brave as he struggled with his own battles of depression, anxiety, as well as early stages
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of parkinson's." the san francisco street food festival celebrating its sixth year today. thousands came out to sample the cuisines of dozens of street food creations. it was a recipe that pleased food lovers throughout the afternoon and into the evening. >> it's been here forever. so we really wanted to have a dialogue and create an opportunity for the people we work with who are immigrants, they're kind of shy. and alongside the new people who are entering the food world. a bay area county seeing its first human cases of west nile virus. how health officials plan to tackle the potentially deadly virus. and dozens of cats in the marin
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county humane society. the message officials have for the person abandoning the animals. >> scary moments for drivers in martinez as a cab speeds in the wrong direction! >> lots of low clouds pouring into the bay for tonight. it's going to make for a cooler day tomorrow.
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a dangerous commute friday in martinez. a person in a taxicab was reported driving the wrong way. the cab was stolen from the driver on escobar street by 40 yierld jaime ilam ---year-old jaime ilam. the cab crashed into faivre vehicles including an suv that overturned. he was arrested and
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found driving under the influence. piefb people have diagnosed -- five people have been diagnosed with west nile in santa clara county. two had to be hospitalized because they contracted encephalitis. the number of human cases could be higher. >> the vector control district for the county is doing fogging in areas where they have mosquitos that have west nile. that may be having a good effect. >> past cases of dead birds infected with the virus were found in santa clara. so residents are being warned: use bug repellant and avoid going outside during dusk and dawn. lots of low clouds in san francisco right here. some sunshine beginning to make its
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way into the bay this aftern temperatures in san francisco just in the mid-60s. and it looks like we're going to stay on the cool side the next few days. fog is going to be the theme around here. 70s by the bay. san jose up to 80 degrees today. and some hot temperatures in the inland valleys in the upper 80s and low 90s. but we will be cooler starting tomorrow because of this right here. the low cloudiness pushing into the bay. fog all the way into the inland valleys, and a lot of drizzle tonight. the fog getting thick for the next few days. cloudy start for tomorrow, temperatures coming down clearing, not only tomorrow but for monday and tuesday. rail heavy fog, and -- really heavy fog and gray mornings to deal with. midnight tracker, fog into the low valleys. it'll continue to spread inland into the overnight and into tomorrow morning.
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6:00 am, bay clouds, north bay clouds, low clouds into the trivalley. also into the south bay. so i think for the tailgating starting up for tomorrow morning, santa clair athere could somebody fog it should be clearing away fast. eventually clear everywhere with the exception of the coast by noon. and i think the fog is going to make an early push into the bay for tomorrow night as we're going to see some really foggy conditions going into monday and tuesday. temperatures down about 5 degrees in some places. look for upper 70s in redwood city, pallo altoh, fremont, around -- palo alto around 80. in the toward los gatos, mid-80s. 70s by the bay. san francisco, 60s. 71 oakland. the san francisco public
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school teachers have voted to authorize a strike. the union is set to make an announcement monday on the first day of school about a possible walkout. union leaders. a 21% pay hike over the next three years. the district is offering eight.5%. >> while we're happy that the animals ended up with us instead of a worst case, this really isn't responsible pet ownership. it really puts a strain on the shelter. we have about 193 cats and kiltens right now. >> shelter employees want to help prevent future incidents and help the owners. next up, the first texas
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governor indicted in nearly 100 years. he's responding to felony corruption charges. why perry is not backing down.
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>> i am outside the home where ms. doubtfire was filmed. now it's been a shrine for the late robin williams. one man was hit by a driver not paying attention. he's okay. like this driver who stepped in the bus zone so people could pay their respects. the event will end up costing the owner of the car $3 hundred. this kaub was abandoned so the driver could take photos he want parked in an unmarked spot. and how about this tour bus? they will get a ticket on the sly, which means tell appear in the mail.
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t maniac walked in front of a semi going downhill and never even looked. people are double-parking. but they're operating their you know what button. that makes it okay. some people think it's okay to look at their phones while driving. i get it. i really do. but is this work risking other people's safety just to get a photo of an if i can tishgs home that just happened -- fictitious home that just happened to be filmed in san francisco? i'm going to say no. san diego police leads a woman on a wild chase in a stolen police car! and more air strikes against lammist militants in iraq.
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a woman who unknowingly drank iced tea laced with poison. how is she feel something and it look like a scene from the movie jaws. and in just a few hours, residents in st. louis am be under curfew after another night of looting. ♪
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[ crowd noise ] tensions running high in ferguson, missouri, where governor jay nixon has just issued a state of emergency. and in a few hours, residents in that suburb will be under curfew. violence flared up again last night after police released the name of the officer who shot and killed an unarmed 18-year-old and released documents and video alleging that michael brown had robbed a convenience store just before he was shot. while many protestors have been peaceful, the state will not allow a handful of looters to endanger the community. after several stores were looted last night, some protestors stood in front of a store to stop them. [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: a tense standoff overnight in ferguson, missouri.
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what starlted out as a night of peaceful demonstrations escalated into violence. >> there were at least three molotov coke tames that one of -- cocktails that our crews saw thrown onto a domino's pizzeria. that resulted in a bit of a police show of force here that ultimately cull minnated with a very, very tense -- culminated with a very, very tense standoff. >> reporter: the flash point? the ferguson market and liquor store, the same store surrounding the shooting of michael brown. officers on friday released surveillance video that allegedly shows michael brown taking part in a robbery at that store. a team lined up around the store commanded people to get out of the street and onto the sidewalk or go home. recovers warned if they diss obeyed, they --
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disobeyed, they would be arrested. [ chanting ] >> reporter: minutes after the looting, a dozen people lined up around the convenience store. >> it looked to me like you guys came over here to try and protect this store. >> that's what we did. >> theus department of justice is beef -- the u.s. department of justice is beefing up its investigation. a woman in california is behind bars tonight after allegedly leading san diego police on a wild chase in a stolen patrol car! officers say the 22-year-old stole the police
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car late friday night. they spiked the tires but kept going! the woman then tried to use the vehicle as a weapon. >> she intentionally rammed three police vehicles, two chp vehicles and one san diego police vehicle. >> no one was hurt. the woman is facing multiple felony charges including grand theft auto. rick perry said he will fight charges that he abused his power. a grand jury indicted him on two felony corruption charges. he is accused of threatening to veto $7.5 million in funding for the public integrity unit. a prosecutor in the case says he wanted travis county district attorney, rosemary lindbergh to resign. perry says he plans on beating the charges. >> i intend to fight against those who would erode our state's constitution and laws purely for political purposes.
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and i intend to win. >> governor perry can continue to serve as governor of texas while under indict. if convicted of both -- indictment. if convicted, he could face over 100 years in prison and $20,000 in fines. a utah woman is in the hospital after drinking sweet tea mixed with industrial cleaner. the accident happened in utah. large quantities of "clean force fryer cleaner" was mixed into the sweet tea dispenser. it doesn't appear it was added on purpose. >> the store manager or the employee put 6 cups of this white powder substance into the iced tea mixer and stirred it up, thinking that perhaps that was sugar. >> the police department and the salt lake county health department are investigating how this could happen. the franchise owner says they are fully cooperating with the
8:34 pm
police investigation. the united states launching more air strikes today against islamic militants in iraq. officials sate nine air strikes were carried out by fighter planes and military drones. the military says the taeks were meant to support humanitarian efforts in iraq as well as to protect u.s. personnel and facilities. officials say strikes destroyed or damaged a total of 14 enemy vehicles. u.s. intelligence is doing an assessment to figure out what resources the terrorist group has. barbara star has details. >> reporter: this video appears to show iraqi police taking down an isis flag. defiance against the brutal islamic militants. the u.s. intelligence now calls them a credible oomentive to al-qaeda -- alternative to al-qaeda. after days of u.s. air strikes, fighters in iraq may be in hiding in some places. its leader may have fled back to
8:35 pm
syria. but more than 1 million iraqis now on the run from iris, according to the un. it's still grabbing territory and bolstering its ranks across northern iraq andxm(r syria. >> it's now increased to well over 10,000 fighters. so it does appear to have increased in numbers. it appears to be wealthier. >> reporter: the u.s. intelligent community now doing a new assessment, trying to calculate how many fighters isis has including foreign fighters mainly in syria. >> reporter: westerners trained by isis could return home and flaunt attacks. >> we are concerned about this type of organization which is very dangerous, and probably. s to try to prove itself in one way or another. it could go
8:36 pm
further along in its efforts to attack our homeland. >> reporter: agencies are worried the momentum has brought isis dozens of new fighters from abandoned military basis. >> it's vulnerable because its ideology is not well supported among iraqis or the sunni population. >> reporter: so far many of arl qaeda's strong evaluate affiliate organizations in yemen, north africa, and somalia have not sworn their allegiance. >> experts believe isis and al-qaeda will fight it out for leadership of the global jihad movement. a surprising new solution to the drought coming up. we'll show you a farm based on water that actually uses hardly any water! >> temperatures today mild by the bay, in the 70s, hot inland
8:37 pm
into the low 90s. cooler everywhere tomorrow. don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. ahhh! what is it? there are no marshmallows in this box of lucky charms! huh... weird... seriously?
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what? they're magically delicious
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farming fish consider themselves pioneer was aqua pontic, a farm which works by combining plants and fish. vegetables grow on floating raft, and their roots absorb fish waste. the plants clean water, sending it back into the figure tank. the farm release almost entirely on water. despite being in a severe drought, aquapontics farms use 85-90% less water than traditional farms. >> we were able to use 1-1/2 million gallons less water to grow the same amount of vegetables. >> since the farming takes place inside, the growing season can last all year long.
8:40 pm
and because the water temperature can be controlled, plants grow faster than in the ground. the farm grows everything from basil, lettuce to watercress. here is the time-lapse from the golden gate. and the low clouds just pouring into the bay. and we'll watch the clouds in the inland valleys for tonight, into the south bay also. some drizzle to go along with it. and that's all, here's a live look at the bay drij. low clouds will eventually fill in overnight. clouds going into the trivalley and into the santa clara valley too. we have a gray start for tomorrow morning, drizzle and slow clearing. it may take to 11:00 or noon for the fog to clear by the bachlt then sunny for the afternoon with the exception of the beaches. and temperatures running about 3-5 degrees cooler
8:41 pm
for sunday afternoon. we can see the satellite view here at the coast. and it's being enhanced by a weather view off to the shore. right about there, you can see a little bit of a spin. and this is going to meander around the bay area in the next few days. tell deepen the fog banks. slow clearing during the morning. that adds up to cooler temperatures. highs for tournament in the upper 70s. fremont around 80 for santa clara and san jose. nice weather for the niners' preseason game tomorrow. inland temperature, not as many 90s here on the forecast map. mid to upper 80s. a couple degrees cooler with sunshine. 60s and 70s by the bay. richmond typically one ever the cooler spot, mid-60s. same for san
8:42 pm
francisco. upper 70s low 80s. monday and tuesday, heavy fog each day. drizzle, slow clearing, bringing down temperatures a few degrees. then more sunshine and warmer wednesday and thursday. by the end of the week, possibly some tropical clouds headed our way. that could inclees cloud cover and -- increase cloud cover and bring showers. a ream-scene from the -- real-life scene from the movie jaus.
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our smart phone is our lifeline, our mask. but we have to respect the hands-free law. and it's not safe interacting with your phone while you're
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driving. there's all kinds of dashboard mount, but you're still taking your eyes off the road. i want to introduce you to a new device coming to the market. it turns your windshield into a display similar to an airline pilot's view. and this gives you a way to truly interact your phone without taking your ice off the road. >> it's a head-up display that projects information from your phone and car to a transparent image that appears to float outside of the windshield. >> reporter: my camera cannot capture what it looks like on the windshield. so you have to take my word for it, it's pretty neat! sharp, clear, the image is projected on the lower end, so you keep your full view of traffic ahead of you. >> you can use it for nafshigation, communication -- navigation, communication, and controlling music. so if you
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want turn by turn directions from google maps, you can control your phone calls, can you have notifications and text messages from your phone. and you can control your favorite music apps, pandora or spotify or itunes. >> it's very intuitive. >> it is portable. so you can use it in multiple cars, and take it with you. so the information you're viewing and the road stay within your field of view and within focus at the same time. so that's something that just can't be done with lcd-based technology. knobs and buttons and touch screens foirps you to take your eyes off the road. and you're three times more likely to have an accident. >> reporter: it will be on the market soon. the school year here is for some in the bay area.
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for others it's around the corner. it means the return of the sniffles! on average, elementary school kids get 8-12 colds or cases of the flu every year to. avoid getting sick, children should know the hot zones for germs. the germiest place at school isn't the bathroom. it's the waterfountain. run the water first then drink. or bring your own bottle. beach-goers got a scare this week. sharks were spotted off manhattan beach. they didn't clear the water but they kept a close eye on the sharks. the pred a lots have been coming closer to shore more often in recent years. >> it's been a common sighting around here throughout the last few years to see juvenile white sharks in the area.
8:48 pm
and though would be nonaggressive. >> the sharks swam back out to beat the water in around an hour. seaworld in san diego will be building new state of the art homes for its killer whales coming after months of criticism following the release of the cnn documentary blackfish. seaworld says its san diego park will be the first to see the changes. the new environment is expected to hold 10 million gallons of water, double what it currently holds. seaworld plans to open the new home to the public in 2018. a new safety rule from nascar less than a hit after tony stewart hit and killed kevin ward in a race. drivers must stay in their cars unless they're in immediate danger.
8:49 pm
it's always been a recommendation but now it's a rule. >> previously it was a guideline, a policy. now nascar has said if you get out of the car, unless the car is on fire, we're going to ing to sanction you with a suspension, points penalty or fine. >> the penalty will be decided on a case by case basis. tony stewart has not raced since the incident. thousands of bay area inventors showed off their creations in san mateo. >> all right, well, just teasing you. [ laughter ] >> i of the there, trust me! you can see all the crazy and cool inventions right here on kron 4. it's a 1-hour maker
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the ice bucket challenge, now you'll get to meet the man behind it. >> here it goes. >> it caught on like wildfire. >> reporter: no one is more excited pan pat quinn to see the ice bucket challenge go viral. >> it's gotten crazy. >> reporter: everyone from jimmy fallon to justin timberlake. timber are >> it's pretty funny. you see celebrities and superstar athletes dumping an ice bucket over their head. >> reporter: pat quinn is one of the people responsible for this viral sensation. he was born and raised in yonkers and diagnosed with a devastating neurological disease als last year. >> it's limited my ability to
8:54 pm
be active. >> reporter: shortly thereafter, he became one of the disease's biggest advocates. >> i just feel like it's my purpose in life. it's my mission to be here to, make a change. >> reporter: last month after seeing a friend post an ice bucket challenge video that didn't quite catch on, pat got his friends involved. and the rest is history. >> the awareness gets out there, maybe a few more people will look it up. >> reporter: then get involved in the cause. >> why stop now? you have a shot at changing the world. have fun. and creating awareness for a disease. >> his story has gone viral.
8:55 pm
a week ago he saw an elderly man whose shoe was untied. voucher stepped in and helped the man tie his shoe. a shopper saw the act and took a picture. the person who took it says he was touched by the act of kindness. >> i had never seen that in a long, long time. other than opening a door for someone. and i was touched. i got a little emotional. and i fumbled for my camera. >> the elderly man offered him money in return. he declined and finished his shift for the night. gregor blanco hit a tie-breaking rbi single in the 8th, helping san francisco rally for a 6-5 victory over the phillies. the giants pull off a win for the second time in three
8:56 pm
games. the a's began the day with the best record in the majors and marched their worst skid of the season by lution four in a row. -- how's for tomorrow? >> at the stadium looks like a pretty nice day. tailgating looks good. might be a few clouds around. those will be quickly clearing. sunshine by kickoff at 1:00 pm. temperatures going into the upper 70s, close to 80 degrees. a little breezy as we get toward the end of the game. 60s and 70s by the bay. 80s and low 90s inland. >> that's it for kron 4 at 8:00.
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as the world continues to mourn the loss of robin williams, we are bringing you the oscar winner in his own and incomparable words. >> i'm doing good. very good. healthy. happy. >> our 30-plus years with robin. >> i would come home and just realize how extraordinary. you have heaven in front of you. >> as everybody searches for why robin took his own wife. the statement from his wife opening up about the early stages of parkinson's disease. plus, a special look at his prolific career. and the role that made him a star. >> nano, nano. >> and his last tv role. >> it's not a bad day for me. >> not a bad day for me, either. every day above ground.


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